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© Enie-Michelle-Kim-Beyer, © Enie-Michelle-Kim-Beyer
F60-Lichterfeld Klassenticket Elbe-Elster, © Sandra Adelberger
F60-Lichterfeld Führungen, © Die Piktografen

Safety rules

Rules for visitors (excerpt)

It is only allowed to walk on the F60 as part of a guided tour (1.5 hours) and accompanied by one of our guides during our opening hours. This rule depends on weather- and viewing conditions (wind, snow, rain, fog).

You must strictly follow the instructions of our guides.
You can only walk on the bridge with sturdy shoes.
The maximum size of a group is 20 persons.
Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to walk on the F60 when accompanied by an adult.
Dogs and other animals are not allowed on the F60. We provide kennels and water for dogs, while their owners take part in one of our guided tours.
When walking on the F60 you must wear a helmet for your own safety. Our guides provide you with helmets at the beginning of each tour.

Every visitor has to decide whether he or she feels equal to walking on the F60 and if his or her health condition is adequate.

Opening hours

Winter season
Wednesday to Sunday
11:00 am - 04:00 pm

Mon - Tue day off.
Special opening times on request.

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