Neuer Veranstaltungskalender 

am 01.03.2023

F60-Lichterfeld, © Andreas Franke
F60-Lichterfeld Details, © Die Piktografen

, © Dietmar Seidel
F60-Lichterfeld Visionen, © Kai Hüttner
F60-Lichterfeld, © Andreas Franke

Opening hours and admission fees 2023

High season
March 16 - October 31


Monday to Sunday
10.00 a. m. - 06.00 p. m.

Saturdays extended opening times and nightlight installation
May - August till 10.00 p. m. 
September till 08.00 p. m.


Winter season
November 1 - March 15


Wednesday to Sunday
11.00 a. m. - 04.00 p. m. 


At daytime, a maximum of eight groups (max. 20 persons per group), at dark, a maximum of 4 groups (max. 15 persons per group) may walk along the F60 at the same time. The light- and sound installation is switched on at nightfall during our opening hours. There might be short waiting times, depending on the number of visitors. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

Outside the opening hours:

Special reservations outside our opening hours are possible on request and special order. In our small restaurant “Steigerstube“ you can enjoy a warm meal, typical for the Lausitz region.

Admission fees 2023

Long guided tour and nightlight tour
- ca. 90 min.

  14,00 EUR
per person
Discount 1
- students, apprentices
- registered groups > 30 persons
- owners of a partner card
  12,00 EUR
per person

Discount 2
- children 6 - 15 years (with parents)


  7,00 EUR
per person
Discount 3
- school classes
- their attendants


4,50 EUR
per person


Short tour (min. 10 persons)
- Chancellor´s view
- Excavator undercarriage 
- Flooding point
  8,00 EUR
per person
General admission fee - without a tour
- information centre, exhibition, outdoor area
  2,50 EUR
per person
Children under the age of five   free

Outside the opening ours:
14,00 EUR/ pers
min. 300,00 EUR

Enjoy a snack or a meal in our Steigerstube.

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