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F60-Lichterfeld Führungen, © Kai Hüttner
F60 Klassenticket Elbe-Elster, © Die Piktografen
F60-Lichterfeld Führungen, © Die Piktografen
F60-Lichterfeld Führungen, © Die Piktografen
F60-Lichterfeld Führungen, © Dietmar Seidel
F60-Lichterfeld Führungen, © Dietmar Seidel

Guided tours

Long guided tour

This guided tour along the steel giant takes about 90 minutes and is very informative, entertaining and spectacular. All the ways you are going to use are safely constructed. Our guides will lead you to the highest point of the F60 at 74 metres and provide you with all the information about the masterful construction of the conveyor bridge. Moreover, you will get direct insight into the art of engineering and the brown coal mining in the Lausitz region. Breath-taking views over of the still changing countryside complement this unique experience.

Opening hours

Winter season
Wednesday to Sunday
11:00 am - 04:00 pm

Mon - Tue day off.
Special opening times on request.

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Admission fees, short info

Long guided tour/ Nightlight tour
9,50 € / Person
Short tour
5,00 € / Person


Nightlight -Tours – Guided tours by night

On Fridays and Saturdays during the high season (and on special order), as soon as it is dark, the F60 turns into a great artwork with its unique light and sound installation. During the tour you can admire this piece of art, called „LICHTERFELD F60“, by H.P. Kuhn, an artist from Berlin. Light and steel, colours and mysterious sounds conflate into an almost mystical scenery for the nightlight-tour, which takes about 60 to 70 minutes and goes up to the highest point of the bridge at 74 metres.

Short guided tour to the famous „Kanzlerblick“ („Chancellor’s view)

This fast and informative tour is for all our guests who have a little less time but still want to „crest“ the conveyor bridge. Our guide will lead you to a platform at a height of 20 metres. This is where our guides once informed our former chancellor G. Schröder about the visitor mine and the restoration of the opencast mine in September 2000. During this 40-minute-tour our guests get an overview of the working principle of the F60 and the future Lake Bergheide.

Short guided tour to the excavator undercarriage

On this 40-minute tour our guests gain insight into the working principle, the working mechanisms and the propulsion technology of the F60. Back in time, two huge excavators conveyed the overburden. Now, a huge „bucket“ (3,7 cubic metre), that is located at the point where the excavators where placed, indicates the extend of the overburden that the two excavators were able to convey. The tour continues with a walk to the cable- and transformer wagon. Here our guests can also take a look at the control station and the computer station. This tour does not involve a walk along the bridge and only takes place on the ground. Therefore, this tour is particularly suitable for wheel-chair users and guests with slight walking problems.

Short guided tour to the flooding point

On this tour along a paved path, our guests walk underneath the bridge to the shore of the future Lake Bergheide. During this brief walk, our guides provide you with information about the conveyor bridge while you can enjoy unique views of the steel giant and vivid impressions of the remedation of the former opencast mine Klettwitz-Nord. Some wall charts at the viewpoint illustrate the reconstruction performance and provide an idea of the future Lake Bergheide and its surrounding. This tour is suitable for wheel-chair users.

Special Tours

For school classes we offer special tours on particular topics (please contact us before, Class-Ticket), as well as for professional groups (we can ask for external experts, specialising in remediation, water control, etc., if needed) or groups of photographers. Personal guided tours (for handicapped guests) are also possible.

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