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Licht- und Klanginstallation, Eröffnung Bundespräsident Rau, © Dietmar Seidel
F60-Lichterfeld Licht- und Klanginstallation, © Dietmar Seidel
F60-Lichterfeld Licht- und Klanginstallationen, © Gerhard Kassner
F60-Lichterfeld Licht- und Klanginstallation, © Stuckkatz
F60-Lichterfeld Licht- und Klanginstallationen, © Stuckkatz

Light and Sound Installations

„The F60 is a godsend for the Lausitz region, for Brandenburg and for the whole of Germany“. Our former Federal President Johannes Rau used these words to decribe the importance of our visitor mine during its inauguration on the 2nd of October 2003. Next to castles and other monuments, the industrial heritage is also part of our history and should therefore be preserved. At daytime, the bridge reaches over the flat land as an contemporary witness of our industrial heritage and can be visited by tourists. At night, a monumental shading of light breathes life into the sleeping steel giant and metamorphous sounds simulate typical operating noises along the former world’s largest mobile mashine. It was Hans Peter Kuhn, a German sound artist, who developed and designed this light and sound installation. Since 2003, our guides also offer spectacular nichtlight-tours. Light and steel, colours and mysterious sounds conflate into an almost mystical scenery for the nighttime tour.

Opening hours

Winter season
Wednesday to Sunday
11:00 am - 04:00 pm

Mon - Tue day off.
Special opening times on request.

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Besucherbergwerk F60
Bergheider Straße 4
03238 Lichterfeld
T +49 3531 60800
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Technical specifications of the artwork

On each side, 41 optical fibres had been installed. All fibres together are 2,100 m long and have a total electrical power of about 27 kW. Multi-coloured spots illuminate 28 different places on the bridge and 12 loudspeakers – series-connected – convey the impression of the specific working noises.



Initiator: Prof. Dr. Rolf Kuhn; Inernationale Bauausstellung (IBA) Fürst-Pückler-Land (International Building Exhibition Fürst-Pückler-Land)
Artist: Hans Peter Kuhn, Berlin
Technical design and construction supervision: mediapool, Berlin
Operator: Förderverein Besucherbergwerk F60 e.V., Lichterfeld / F60 Concept GmbH (Friends’ association ‘Visitor mine F60’, registered association, Lichterfeld / F60 Concept Company)
Realisation of the light and sound installation: SDF Production GmbH, Massen
Realisation of electrical work: Dietmar Gurk GmbH Elektroinstallation, Lichterfeld (Ditmar Gurk Association, electrical installation, Lichterfeld)

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