F60 Celtic Music Festival

8. Juni 2024

Abseilen an der F60, © Prima Abenteuer
F60-Lichterfeld Outdoor Erlebniss Abseilen, © Prima Abenteuer
F60-Lichterfeld Outdoor Erlebniss Abseilen, © Prima Abenteuer
F60-Lichterfeld Outdoor Erlebniss Abseilen, © Prima Abenteuer
F60-Lichterfeld Outdoor Erlebniss Abseilen, © Prima Abenteuer

F60 Roping

Are you adventurous and thrill-seeking? Do you like challenges? Or do you want to give someone a very special present? You should then think about roping from the F60. After a small introduction, our guides will accompany you to the point from which the roping procedure will start. Here our team will give you all the necessary instructions, equip you with the climbing gear and make sure that you can abseil down the F60 the safest way possible. While roping, our guides provide you with all the help and support you need so you can fully enjoy this special experience and the adrenaline rush. Please register for one of the dates above (also if you have a voucher). When registering, we will tell you the specific start time. If you are a group of 10 or more, you can register for an appointment of your own choice.


Dates 2016

Ask for other dates.

Questions to:

F60 Concept GmbH
Forststraße 1
03238 Lichterfeld
T +49 3531 609319
T +49 3531 60800


€ 35,00 per person (every other time € 20,00)
plus € 1,50 per person (general admission fee to pay at the entrance, also for accompanying person)

Service included in the price:
Instruction and briefing of participants, ride to the top by elevator, safety equipment, safety check, explanations on how to abseil from the F60, onetime independent abseiling, certificate for successful abseiling, organizer liability insurance

Information for accompanying person:
For mining law reasons it is not possible for accompanying persons to join the group. For accompanying persons we have a special offer. You can take part in a special guided tour. One of our guides will lead you to the spot where the abseiling takes place. There, you can watch the whole process of abseiling and welcome the participants when reaching the ground again. Of course you can take photos or film the abseiling process. The prices for this special tour equal the prices of the normal guided tours. You can decide whether to take part in this special tour, when you arrive at the visitor mine. The team of Prima Abenteuer reserves the right to themselves to cancel dates due to weather conditions (gale, thunderstorms, heavy rain) or insufficient bookings. We will inform you in good time in advance.

Detailed information:
For registration, vouchers, more dates, start times and further information, please contact www.prima-abenteuer.de

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